The health of the Lagoon is paramount to the quality of life for the citizens of Brevard County. \ I will monitor lagoon tax expenditures to ensure maximum improvement is achieved with dollars spent. \ Restoration of Civil Rights, such as the Right to Vote, is not an Executive Privilege to be dolled out like a parole. Once a nonviolent felon has served his or her debt to society, these rights must be restored fully and automatically. Our country was founded on the promise of "No Taxation without Representation". Why over 1.2 Million Floridians are paying taxes but have no say by vote of how those taxes are spent is a Non American travesty. The last vestiges of the 1868 version of the Florida Constitution meant to deny rights during post Civil War must go. Vote Yes on Amendment Four. It is the American thing to do! /Less Bullets more Books in Our Schools / I support the Second Amendment, but that support includes understanding that we need Gun Safety Measures enacted. / If the Gun Manufacturers will not make their products more anti-theft, safer, and start using technology that keeps guns out of our Schools, Places of Worship and Common High Density & soft target public areas, they will be regulated to do so./ Along with Gun Rights there are Gun ownership responsibilities./ I am with our young Parkland survivors and I like wearing the color Orange./ Our Brevard County Families deserve affordable Healthcare. These families should not have go bankrupt to get or stay healthy. / Stop sending our Medicaid tax dollars to other States. / Expand Medicaid in Florida Now! / Protect Social Security and Medicare. / Readjust the Big Corporation Tax Breaks so that they really help our Small and Medium Size Businesses.


For Florida State Representative

About Mike

Mike Blake

Mike Blake is the best candidate for Florida House District 51. During his 12 years of public service, he had the unique opportunity to hear and respond to the concerns of the local voters. Time and time again, they called for improved job opportunities, a strong educational system for their children and a responsive and efficient government. Unfortunately, many times these concerns were not taken seriously by their representatives.  Mike is the best candidate because he WILL listen and respond to the local voter. He will be your voice in Tallahassee. By being a lifelong resident of Brevard County and teaching in the school system for better than two decades, he understands the issues that are facing our community and is prepared to provide innovative solutions that are not tied to special interests. He wants to address  fair wages, quality education, and cleaning our waterways so that our children can enjoy a healthy lagoon both now and in the future.  He will promote and support a diversified economy with high tech jobs which will provide economic growth and job security to working families.  

Vote for Mike Blake, he has a proven track record!

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